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Productivity, Lifestyle, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Relationships and Transformation are just a few of the topics you’ll find on the Front Row Factor. Listen in as Jon Vroman chats with top performers and entrepreneurs from various industries on how they've transformed their personal and professional lives. This show is filled with powerful questions and real-life examples that will help you strengthen your mindset, relationships and environment so you can excel in every area of life. If you want to maximize your potential and make the most of your time, welcome home! \o/
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The Front Row Factor: Productivity | Lifestyle | Personal Development | Entrepreneurship | Relationships | Transformation




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Oct 25, 2015

Are you ready to meet your soulmate? Are you looking for a fulfilling relationship that benefits all aspects of your life? Even if you have no idea where to look, my guest today can give you some sweet hints, prepare you to meet your relationship goals, and embrace yourself and your soulmate in one of the greatest relationship you and them will ever experience.

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Stacey Martino is a great friend of mine who is also one of the best relationship gurus I’ve ever met. She believes better relationships create a better life, and it’s something you can do on your own! Forget about the old adage ‘it takes two to tango’ because it doesn’t. At least, not anymore. You are fully capable of being your best self and seizing the relationships you know you deserve and, more importantly, the relationships that will help you move into the front row of your own life.

 If you’re afraid of getting hurt, if you’re putting up walls, or if you are having troubles with your SO right now as you read this, tune in and get some well-intentioned advice from one of the best certified marriage educators I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing! Stacey Martino will equip you with the habits, tools, and strategies you and your better half can use to take your relationship to the next level.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Steps you can take today to create an unshakeable loving relationship
  • How to use vulnerability to your advantage
  • Ways to turn your panic points into launch pads
  • How to balance your confidence with self-effacing traits that open up healthy lines of communication and understanding
  • What you can do in the next 24 hours to take your relationships to the next level

Stacey shares her tips for relaxation – even though she says it’s impossible for a highly excitable person like herself to ever really relax! She also tells me about the exciting person she sees living in the front row every day, and why a sense of adventure is so important to capturing front row experiences.

 "It is your divine duty to share in service based on what you have received in this life, that's how we all move forward." Stacey Martino 

Stacey offers her free 8-Step Audio Program to get you started at


Oct 19, 2015

Today’s guest is the brilliant Josh Trent. He’s a wellness coach, corrective exercise specialist, quantified self enthusiast and an expert in digital health and digital health coaching. He was voted one of the top 50 digital influencers, his podcast hit #1 “New and Noteworthy” for health, fitness, nutrition and self-help.

His mission is leaving the world a better place and he’s on a journey to create more time to contribute and live fully with energy, through wellness. He wants to do this for himself and help others do it with him. Josh has an incredible life story too, and is now a sought after wellness expert.

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We’ll talk about his top 3 technology musts, and how we’re affected by our limited beliefs. We learn about Josh’s awesome holiday traditions and finally, we dabble on the topic of death. To lighten things up, we talk about his favorite subjects to discuss over a glass of wine and his favorite documentaries and books, as well.

Other goodies we dig into..

  • Staying focused
  • Dealing with his limiting beliefs
  • Core values
  • What prevents people from acting with courage and chasing their dreams
  • What values are currently guiding Josh’s daily decisions

If you want to get more out of health and fitness and you feel like Josh can help, you can contact him at about getting a personalized training program designed for sustainable health behavior.

You can also reach him through his website, and Twitter. Also, be sure to check out his mind-blowing podcast series: Wellness Force Radio.


Oct 9, 2015

I’m not much of a bragger, but my guest today – Julianna Raye – opened for Don Henley. And she went from being this amazing professional musician to an even more amazing mindfulness coach, helping executives, business leaders, and TV personalities get in tune with themselves.

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She’s been teaming up with cool people in business and leadership to create programs online that will teach mindfulness and clarity in a way that is accessible and, in her words “easily digestible”. She talks openly about the various forms of content she is creating and how you can use her strategies to reduce your stress and heighten your creativity.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to label and regulate your emotions with the right vocabulary
  • How to have more peak activities, that is – the activities that inspire you to produce more!
  • How to keep your life in perspective and your eyes on the front row
  • The three core teachings of mindfulness training
  • Strategies you can implement today (you’ll start noticing changes in a few hours!)

Stay tuned for the EPIC BRAINMELTING CONCLUSION where she unleashes some of her mindfulness tricks on us.

Juliana’s Website

Take advantage of her free webinars and guided meditation!

Oct 2, 2015

On the show with me today is one of my most favorite people — Liz DiAlto (@LizDiAlto).  She's an amazing friend,  incredible motivator and has earned the title of “Soul Sherpa” in several circles — you’ll know why when you hear her speak.  If you’re one of those go-go-go people always reaching for a Front Row experience in every area of life, you’ll love this woman.

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She’s the creator of the Wild Soul Movement, a great approach to body love and self-acceptance that has taught so many of us – myself included – how to get out of our heads and into our bodies.

Liz is all about learning to trust our own intuition, and on the show she discusses strategies for acknowledging emotion, acting towards what we want, and trusting ourselves to know what’s true and right for us.

I love this lady, and you will too.  I had A LOT of fun talking with Liz (as I always do). Her laugh is contagious, her energy feeds the hearts and souls of everyone that gets a Front Row seat to her life.

In This Episode We’ll Touch On..

  • How to trust your intuition and use your body like a GPS
  • How to take advice from others while still following your own path
  • Liz’s personal strategies for rejuvenation
  • How to find your edge so you can cross boundaries that will help you achieve a Front Row Life
  • Her new book (which she reveals the working title on this show for the first time!)

Get more Liz at

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If you have suggestions or feedback on the show, drop me a line.  I would love to hear from you.

Oct 2, 2015

The Miracle Morning book, which has over 1,000 raving reviews on amazon, has been transforming lives for years.  My buddy Hal Elrod (@HalElrod) , the author, is also the #1 donor to Front Row Foundation and  one of my best buddies.  So….. we’ve got a all-access backstage pass for today’s interview.

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In this show (my first Podcast recording ever…) Hal shares his incredible life story that includes a car accident that left him without a heartbeat for 6 minutes, loosing his home, being financially devastated and ultimately leading to where he is today - a thriving author, speaker, husband and father.  This guy is my hero in so many ways.  

In this super fun episode we dig into… (sometimes with total sarcasm that comes with two friends chatting!)

  • The six practices that sparked transformation and became the basis of his book (also the #1 strategy I believe everyone needs to Live Life In The Front Row)
  • Action oriented affirmations and why most of what we’ve been taught doesn’t work

Oh yeah…. You’ll love this.  Front Row teamed up with Hal for the - check it out and hope to see you there!



Check out Hal’s website,

His book The Miracle Morning

Hal’s Miracle Morning Facebook community

If you have suggestions or feedback on the show, drop me a line.  I would love to hear from you and what you think we can do better at the show.