The Front Row Factor: Transform Your Life with the Art of Moment Making

One of iTunes top rated podcasts, this show is filled with incredible stories that will motivate and inspire you. It's fun -- we laugh. It's deep -- we feel. It's insightful -- we learn. It's authentic -- we share. This show is for people who have an insatiable appetite for learning, growing and making a difference in the world. Hey. I'm Jon, your host. In 2005, I co-founded a charity called Front Row Foundation, which helps kids and adults with life threatening illnesses to have a front row experience at the live event of their dreams. We then provide the tools to live EVERYDAY in the front row, which is one of the reasons we host this show. We believe... - You can learn a lot about living life from people fighting for it - Your ability to make the most of little moments can lead to larger movements in your life and for those you impact. On this show, each week, you'll learn with and from authors, elite athletes, film makers, business owners and anyone else choosing to live big and give big. I'm on a mission to show you how to Live Life In The Front Row™ through the transformative art of moment making. I'm ahusband, father of two energetic boys, and social entrepreneur. I'm proud of our #1 bestselling book The Front Row Factor: Transform Your Life with The Art of Moment Making. The book is a collection of inspiring stories, compelling science, and life strategies that challenge you to explore your values, establish priorities and reconnect to a higher purpose and deeper meaning within your life. Let's do this!
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Jan 22, 2018

Today, I’m talking my friend and fantastic musician, Brotha James. Brotha James left a lucrative corporate job to pursue his love of music a few years back. Using his keen business sense and transformative habits, he has not only honed his craft of music, but also turned it into a profitable passion.

In this episode, you’ll hear how he did it, plus you’ll get to enjoy some of the incredible music from his upcoming album titled ABRACADABRA. 

If you love what you hear today, you can support Brotha James and the production of his upcoming album by clicking here.

Show Notes:

Dec 25, 2017

In this conversation, I’m talking with my long-time friend, Cathy Christen. Cathy has been a sales and entrepreneurship coach for the past 15 years. She’s also the co-founder of an energy and lifestyle company called Elevated Fitness and Nutrition. Today, we talk about why you’re here, what moves you, how to plan out your best year ever, the big picture of life, and so much more!

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Dec 11, 2017

Are you trying to build your business in a meaningful and financially rewarding way? Do you know how to start conversations, network, and take the right steps to get your name and/or brand out into the world? 

Today, I’m talking with my friend Dana Malstaff. As the CEO and founder of Boss Mom™, Dana is passionate and committed to teaching other moms how to grow their businesses and raise families at the same time. And even if you’re not raising kids, I promise you’re still going to gain a ton of wisdom from this conversation.

Show Notes:

Nov 20, 2017

Picture your life the way you really want it to be. What would it look like? If you took a snapshot of your life right now, would it come anywhere close to this picture? What if you had the freedom to change it? Not everyone chooses freedom, but anyone can.

In this episode, professional photographer and author, Vincent Pugliese, talks about the freedom of living your best life, and how anyone can do it. He shares his own transformational story that began as a troubled youth confounded with the question of “what do you want to do with your life?” Vincent has since become someone who coaches others on how take control of their own lives.

Show notes:

Nov 13, 2017

We all struggle with fear at some point or another. But when that feeling of fear goes unchecked, it can take on a life of it’s own and can dictate how we live our lives. What if there was a way to get past it, how might that change your life?

In this episode, I’m speaking with my best friend and best-selling author of the Miracle Morning book series, Hal Elrod. In our conversation, we discuss his own life-altering experiences (including his recent battle with Cancer), and how these incredible moments have shaped who he is and how he chooses to live life.

Hal reminds us that there is nothing to fear, because you cannot fail, you can only learn, grow and become better than you’ve ever been before.

Show notes:

Nov 6, 2017

Have you ever really looked at yourself in the mirror? Do you like what you see? Are your thoughts filled with self-criticism or self-love?

On average, we have around 70,000 thoughts every day – what do yours say about you?

In this episode, Life Designer® Julie Reisler, shares her triumphant story of overcoming low self-esteem and addiction to discover her true self. She offers helpful tips and advice for connecting deeply to your own divine aspect to find your real life’s purpose.

According to Julie, “You are your own best resource.

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Oct 2, 2017

For many of us, lack of confidence leaves us stressed out, anxious, and unable—not to mention unwilling—to go after our dreams. What if you could stop questioning yourself, leave regrets and anxiety behind and move further towards accomplishing your biggest goals?

In this episode, positive psychology expert Louisa Jewell shows you how to use the principles of positive psychology to overcome harmful chronic self-doubt. Her tips and strategies will make a real difference in your day-to-day life—at work and at home.

As Louisa puts it, “Happiness is really having the confidence to show up in the world as your true authentic self and to live your true authentic life.”

Here's What You'll Discover 

  • The importance of celebrating your accomplishments and the surprising thing it can reveal about your life. [07:58]
  • A strategy for writing your first book and tackling any other major project—especially if you struggle with perfectionism. [10:20]
  • Why you’ll never eliminate all your self-doubt and why that’s actually a good thing. [20:15]
  • The reason working hard and being good at what you do doesn’t build confidence—and how to use the power of self-efficacy to get there! [32:10]
  • How to fail and get back up quickly—Louisa shares her simple strategy! [40:49]
  • And much more...

Show Notes:

Sep 15, 2017

Tuan Nguyen is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who began his life with a simple goal of always making a positive difference in people's lives. Surviving death during his escape after the fall of Vietnam in 1975, he sees the world from a lens of gratitude and has been the foundation for all his hopes, dreams, and vision. His story demonstrates how volunteerism is the best platform for professional and personal development.

As a serial entrepreneur, Tuan has ran several multi-million dollar Internet companies and business advisory practices and has delivered over 300 speaking engagements including 3 TEDxTalks (within 20 months). 

Aug 14, 2017

''I realized I am much stronger mentally and physically then I gave myself credit for.'' - Lisa Thompson

Finding the absolute edge of our limits is never an easy task, but is a critical part of achieving any kind of greatness in life. How then, can we push beyond what we believe is possible without going too far? Where is the line and how can we realize our true potential, even with goals that may be uncomfortable, extremely difficult, or seemingly out of reach?

Today, I get to talk with my friend Lisa Thompson, who is going to show you how to get one step closer to accomplishing your toughest goals and taking life to entirely new heights!

Lisa Thompson is an accomplished mountaineer who has stood on top of six of the world's highest mountains, including, as you will hear, Mt. Everest.

Throughout her life, she has become adept at gracefully overcoming challenges in order to accomplish unexpected things.  She is a cancer survivor, and she is still the only person in her entire family to graduate from college. Afterwards, she grew her career from a field service engineer to the leader of a $25m organization.  

When she isn’t in the mountains, she spends her time traveling and sharing her story with other motivated people.

Here’s a Quick Breakdown of Our Chat…

  • [12:58] Find out what life was like for Lisa growing up and how she came to love mountaineering.
  • [14:35] How the simple statement — one more step — can help you push beyond life’s biggest obstacles, build momentum, and accomplish more than you ever thought was possible.
  • [19:30] How did spite drive Lisa into a life of mountaineering and what can her experiences teach us about building self-confidence, overcoming adversity, ignoring the naysayers, and strengthening the mind?
  • [24:55] Why being diagnosed with Cancer never stopped her from accomplishing her toughest goal (at that time) of climbing The Himalayas.
  • [30:40] Lisa shares the critical factors to winning her fight against cancer.
  • [32:45] How to get and give the most out of every moment and the ‘See, Hear, Feel’ technique to intentionally feeling present.
  • [38:83] Lisa’s shares her Mt. Everest moments and why we are all capable of so much more than we think!
  • [53:00] What death can teach us about how to better appreciate life today.

''If you want me to do something, tell me I can’t and watch me prove you wrong.'' - Lisa Thompson

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Jul 3, 2017

''Anything of any magnitude starts with a micro movement.'' - Jon Berghoff

Your entire life is made up of countless moments, and each one carries an opportunity to experience joy, fulfill your sense of purpose, and make a difference. That is the art of moment making!

What if there was a way for you to recognize and create more of these moments, not only in your life, but in the lives of those who matter the most? That’s what today’s conversation with my good friend Jon Berghoff is all about!

We want to invite you to participate in our upcoming event, The Front Row Summit, which is happening July 24-26, inside Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This is a 3-day, in-person event, limited to an intimate group of 50 individuals.

It’s a tremendous opportunity for anybody who wants to find deeper purpose and transform their life through the art of moment making. Whether you’re a parent, an entrepreneur, or someone who just wants to make the most of every moment, this event was made for you. You can learn more and apply by clicking here.

The Front Row Summit also gives you a chance to make a difference by co-creating the future of the Front Row Foundation. You’ll be encouraged to bring your ideas and insights to the table, to help support the evolution of the organization.  

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [09:51] What is a moment maker and why does it matter?
  • [17:51] How do micro moments lead to macro movements?
  • [25:08] What to expect at the The Front Row Summit, including reconnecting with nature, finding your purpose and the future of leadership!
  • [33:42] Why nothing is impossible when you can master the art of asking great questions.
  • [43:20] Stories that demonstrate the power of capturing front row moments.
  • Want to hang out with Jon & Jon at the Front Row Summit? Apply here!  

''The way you show up in the world, is one moment at a time.'' - Jon Vroman

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May 15, 2017

''I literally knew that whatever I dreamed of I could do'' - Tommy Danger

Has there ever been a moment in your life when you thought “I could never do that in a million years!”?

What if instead, you believed that you could? What would be possible if you pushed past your self-limiting beliefs and decided to show up big in every aspect of your life?

Today’s conversation is with my good friend and adventure athlete, Tommy Danger, who will inspire you to push your life to the ultimate limit!

Tommy learned in his mid 20's that life wasn't about the money you make, but the lives you change. Through his love of adventure he founded a non-profit foundation called More Than Just Me that uses adventure projects to raise money and drive awareness for important causes around the world.

He is currently in the middle of his third project called More Than Just Mountains where he is climbing the Seven Summits (the highest peak on each continent) with two of his close friends to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.

It's been almost 10 years since Tommy made a massive change to his lifestyle and since then he has biked from Los Angeles to Boston, ran from Seattle to Daytona Beach, and has completed four of the Seven Summits.

He currently lives in Park City, UT with his beautiful wife Alyx, their pup Boo, and a little Danger baby on the way.

In this exciting discussion, Tommy shares the lessons he’s learned through his many adventures and exactly how he’s using them to positively impact the world.

He walks us through his incredible trek through Papua, Indonesia and how he barely made it out alive. The journey included everything from hiking through tropical jungles and traversing through rivers, to climbing steep cliffs and negotiating with tribal chiefs.

If you want to learn how to turn your biggest dreams into reality, push your body to unimaginable limits, and make the most out of each and every moment that life has to offer, you definitely won’t want to miss this convo!

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [08:22] Where did his incredible sense of adventure come from and what exactly is the story behind his nickname, Fat Tommy?
  • [12:20] Hear about his first big adventure, biking coast-to-coast from California to Boston, to raise money for at-risk teens.
  • [15:00] The importance of believing that YOU can turn your dreams into reality.
  • [16:30] Learn how More Than Just Me is using adventure to bring awareness to important causes.
  • [20:15] How to see the positive side of anything, find your internal happiness and change the world in the process!
  • [24:40] His crazy adventure to run across the US (20 miles per day for 6 months) and the single moment that made all the blood, sweat and tears 100% worth it.
  • [30:20] Find out how the More than just Mountains project is helping to drive awareness to those affected by Cystic Fibrosis.
  • [32:50] Learn how to tap into the power of your mind and push your body to the ultimate limit.
  • [40:20] The story of how he barely escaped from a remote location buried deep in the heart of Papua, Indonesia.

''We have birth and we have death. What happens between is up to us.'' - Tommy Danger

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May 1, 2017

''If I can’t move forward, then I’ll move in another direction.'' - Erik Weihenmayer

Have you ever been faced with a challenge that people told you was impossible? Did you let fear stop you from moving forward or did you persevere when nobody thought you could?  

In this inspiring conversation with Erik Weihenmayer, he’ll teach you how to harness the power of adversity, overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and live a life of purpose and impact!  

Erik Weihenmayer is one of the most celebrated and accomplished athletes in the world. In 2001, he became the only blind person in history to climb Mount Everest. When he stood on the top of Carstensz Pyramid in 2008, he completed his quest to climb all of the Seven Summits - the tallest peak on each of the seven continents.

In September 2014, Erik and blinded Navy veteran, Lonnie Bedwell, kayaked the entire 277-miles of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River, considered one of the most formidable whitewater venues in the world. Erik continually seeks out new adventures, focusing his efforts on empowering people traditionally swept to the sidelines of life. He founded an organization called No Barriers, which helps people with challenges tap into the human spirit, break through barriers, and contribute to the world.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Everest ascent, Erik and his team founded a new No Barriers program, No Barriers Warriors, which uses teamwork and the mountains as a transformative force to help veterans reclaim their lives after devastating injuries.

Erik is the author of two best-selling books: his memoir, Touch the Top of the World and The Adversity Advantage, which offers lessons for turning challenges into greatness. He is an internationally recognized speaker and brings his message of living a No Barriers Life to audiences around the world.

What I love most about this conversation is Erik’s unique ability to step back and find new perspective and solutions to problems that allow him to keep moving forward. At the point when most people would decide to give up, Erik just finds another route.

This discussion is loaded with inspiring stories and proof that regardless of your abilities, what’s inside of you is stronger than what’s in the way.    

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [05:50] Learn about Erik’s “Open Heart Policy” and how it can help you find hope and possibility, even during life's most challenging moments.  
  • [07:43] Erik describes his first attempt at rock climbing as a blind kid and how it completely changed the trajectory of his life.
  • [09:00] Learn how to courageously overcome the naysayers, and turn judgement and ridicule into fuel for your toughest obstacles.
  • [14:00] Erik talks about summiting Mt. Everest, the moment that still brings tears to his eyes, and the role his incredible team played in the process.
  • [17:30] How to surround yourself with incredible people who will step up when you need them most.  
  • [19:42] Why you should stop rejecting your ego and start channeling it to do something great.
  • [23:00] Find out how Eric turned his past achievements into catalysts to push beyond his limits, learned to Kayak blind, traveled 277-miles of the Colorado River, got knocked over and beat down, and kept on moving forward!  
  • [33:00] How to manage fear and break through barriers when you’re way over your head!
  • [38:50] Erik describes why family is the greatest “no barriers” journey of them all and how he hopes to be remembered by his kids.
  • [53:30]Learn how you can rebuild and rediscover yourself in the midst of adversity.

''Your ego is the thing that makes you great.'' - Erik Weihenmayer

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Apr 24, 2017

''Flow are those enjoyable, wonderful, delightful moments of thorough engagement with the present.'' – Steven Kotler

What do the richest, happiest, and most revered people in the world know about success, that most people don’t? What if there was a way for you to tap into a higher level of consciousness and completely upgrade your life?

In today’s episode of the Front Row Factor podcast, Steven Kotler, is here to let you in on the secret formula that the uber successful are using to lead extraordinary lives.

Steven is a New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning journalist and the co-founder and director of research for the Flow Genome Project. He is one of the world’s leading experts on ultimate human performance.

His writings have been translated into over 40 languages and appeared in over 80 publications, including The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Forbes, Wired and TIME. He also writes “Far Frontiers,” a blog about science and culture for, appears frequently on television and radio, and lectures widely on technological, scientific and cultural issues, both to corporate and education institutions.

In this super entertaining conversation, Steven and I dive deep into his latest book, Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work.

You’ll quickly learn that stepping into an altered state of mind isn’t just for drug induced dancing bears and dead head gatherings. There is a wide spectrum of altered states of consciousness, including flow, which you can harness to improve performance, optimize your health, and achieve the impossible!

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [09:12] Ever wonder where information actually comes from? Find out what Steven thinks and what your intuition has to do with it!
  • [11:20] Steven’s unconventional and surefire method for making any project a success.
  • [14:30] Find out why everything Steven does is organized around creating “flow.”
  • [16:14] What exactly is flow and how can it be used to optimize your mental and physical well-being?  
  • [19:00] Learn the science behind flow and it’s proven ability to fight against autoimmune conditions and life threatening illnesses.  
  • [20:20] What Stealing Fire can teach you about tapping into a heightened state of mind so you can live an extraordinary life.
  • [28:30] Steven reveals the 4 powerful forces of extasis that can improve your human performance, including the most addictive state on earth!
  • [34:00] Why isn’t everybody talking about this high performance success formula and how are these altered states of consciousness now proving to create authentic mystical experiences?
  • [43:30] Is it  possible to hunt for flow and intentionally program you're self-conscious mind?
  • [50:30] The dangers of tapping into altered states of consciousness and why we need to use these techniques wisely.

''Everything I do, is done to generate flow.'' - Steven Kotler

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Apr 17, 2017

''You never know until you do it.'' - Tim Conners

What preconceived notions and limiting beliefs are holding you back from dreaming big and living life fully? When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something courageous?

In this powerful conversation, my friend Tim Conners, will challenge you to see life from a whole new perspective!

At the young age of 15 Tim’s life was thrown upside-down after receiving a diagnosis of t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. For about three months Tim would find himself in remission from the cancer, but before he had time to catch his breath it was back. Not only was it back, but this time it was attacking his optic nerves in his eyes. In approximately 48 hours Tim would lose his sight, but the real concern was how to keep him alive.

Tim would go on to receive a bone marrow transplant. What was supposed to save his life almost took him in the process. He experienced heart, lung, and kidney failure. Against all odds including doctors who prepared his family for their last goodbyes, he would make it.

Tim has chosen to use this life changing experience to gain a positive perspective and says it has "opened up his eyes to everything that was in front of him”.  Although he still faces complications today, he continues to persevere through them, and work toward his mission of living life fully, making a difference, and redefining possible.

Tim is attending his senior year at Ithaca College, studying "Communications Studies" in New York and has already taken a path as a motivational speaker, a blind adventurer, and released his first book It’s Impossible Until You Do It.

He believes people can move mountains if they move them together, and on May 22nd he is embarking on his latest endeavor called “MounTimPossible” to climb the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. His goal is to raise money for the organizations that not only saved his life, but gave him the strength to start living again so they can provide the same services to other children like him as well.

I got the pleasure of meeting Tim a few years ago, while giving a speech at Ithaca College. His story and outlook on life completely inspired me and I’ve been fortunate to call him my friend ever since.

Today, Tim is here to share his story with the Front Row Factor community. His sense of adventure, desire to live big, and his profound ability to see the world, despite being blind, is truly inspiring. Tim will show you that anything in life is possible if you willing to put your mind to it.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [10:09] Why nothing is impossible if you’re willing to set your mind to it.
  • [14:38] Find out how Tim beat Cancer, pushed through the adversity of losing his vision, and why he’s now taking on the challenge of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.   
  • [23:30] How to prioritize what matters the most, live life fully and never take no for an answer.
  • [27:19] America’s Ambassador of Hope shares his 5 principles to becoming successful.
  • [31:50] Find out how Tim’s commitment to adventure has raised over $10,000 and is positively impacting the world.
  • [33:22] Why Tim said “YES” to Mt. Kilimanjaro and what it can teach you about capitalizing on the present moment.
  • [37:29] Learn how you can help yourself by serving others.
  • [43:46] Why it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people.
  • [47:10] How to structure a challenging environment that brings out the best in you.
  • [56:42] Tim shares a powerful memory that will teach you about what it means to truly see the world!

''I believe we can move mountains if we move them together.'' - Tim Conners

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Apr 10, 2017

''What you appreciate, appreciates.'' - John Israel

What would happen if you decided to express a higher level of gratitude for the people that impact your life? And I’m not just referring to your closest friends and family. Think about the Uber driver, the grocery clerk, your children's teachers, or even your garbage man! How could acknowledging them transform your life and shape the world we all live in?

Purveyor of Gratefulness, John Israel, is a writer, speaker, business owner and Founder of The Year of Thank You project. His mission is to elevate the level of gratitude on the planet… one card at a time.

What does that even mean? Well, in this episode you’ll find out why my good friend John is on a mission to write 5 thank you cards a day, for 365 days and how it’s completely changing his life.

In addition to John’s inspiring mission, you’ll learn how to change your emotional state of mind, how to turn resentment into gratitude, why it’s so important to receive gratitude graciously, how to express it, and a whole more!

Although we often talk about gratitude, how well do we really understand the impact it can have on us? This powerful episode will demonstrate the ripple effect that gratitude is capable of creating and will leave you inspired to acknowledge and appreciate the people in your own life.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [06:05] John expresses what he loves the most about his wife AND the family values that show up the most for team Israel!
  • [12:34] How an abundance of thank you cards led to unexpected and transformative moments for John and his wife.
  • [17:11] How he’s elevating his level of gratitude for the planet... one card at a time.
  • [23:10] How to positively impact the world through the act of expression.
  • [27:57] How to change your emotional state of mind so you can show your true gratitude towards others.
  • [31:00] John explains the wide spectrum of people that he loves to acknowledge and how he does it, from friends, family and people he works with, to the unexpected garbage men, waiters, pilots and more!  
  • [38:18] Find out why it’s so important to receive gratitude graciously!
  • [43:59] How do you write a thank you card to someone that you hurt?
  • [47:46] Why gratitude is a choice.
  • [51:49] The peace that comes with sharing your love and gratitude.

''If you can tell them you love them, you should.'' - John Israel

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Apr 3, 2017

''There’s something that you can only learn about yourself when you’re out there by yourself.'' - Angie Macdougall

It’s easy to sit back and watch from afar. But the experience is different when you choose to live life in the front row. How are you participating in your own life? Who are you surrounding yourself with? How do they push you beyond what you thought was possible?

On today’s episode of the Front Row Factor, I interview my longtime friend and one of the best examples of someone who is living life in the front row, Angie Macdougall.

Since 1994, Angie started selling CUTCO® while she was a student at the University of Calgary. After graduation, Angie moved to Victoria, B.C. to open up a District Office. As Vector Marketing Canada grew, Angie was promoted to Division Manager and relocated to Calgary, Alberta. Angie achieved distinction in that role and was promoted to Western Canada Area as Manager in 2014. In 2016, Angie was named National Sales Manager of Canada.

Angie is a remarkable human that I look up to and admire. We’ve worked together, we’ve traveled together and she is a powerful moment maker! Angie is also an Ironman triathlete, President of Front Row Canada, has been happily married for 15 years, is a Mother to 2 amazing kids and resides in beautiful BC, Canada.

During today’s conversation, Angie shares her story, including how training for endurance sports has challenged her to push herself well beyond what she ever imagined was possible. We also talk about the spillover effects this has had on her career and how it’s impacted the lives of people around her.

This interview has so much great information. Angie will inspire you to push beyond your own limits, overcome your biggest fears, and choose how you show up for yourself and for others!

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [11:40] Angie takes us back and gives us a peek into her childhood and what it was like growing up in a small town.
  • [12:50] Find out how endurance sports changed what she thought was possible AND what it taught her about overcoming fear, testing her limits and strengthening her mindset.
  • [19:30] When things get hard, that’s ok!
  • [21:45] Jon shares a fun story that demonstrates the anticipation principle and the power of hope.
  • [25:47] Angie shares some recipient stories about uniting as a team and pushing the limits for someone else.
  • [31:55] Why Angie chooses to support the Front Row Foundation and what makes it such an incredible charity to be a part of.
  • [36:56] The correlation between business success and giving back.
  • [42:36] Angie shares examples of how you can choose to make any moment a better experience.
  • [48:04] Angie provides a powerful explanation as to what it means to live life in the front row.
  • [54:02] Learning to capture and share the simple moments.
  • [58:24] The importance of authentically showing up as yourself.

''Having a front row moment is feeling fear and doing it anyway.'' - Angie Macdougall

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Mar 27, 2017

''Tomorrow is guaranteed to nobody'' - Jon Vroman

When you get to the end of your life, will you look back and ask:

Did I live life to the fullest?

Did my life matter?

Did I use my gifts and talents to make a difference?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you definitely won’t want to miss this interview!

In today’s episode of the Front Row Factor podcast, we’re doing something a little different. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by my good friend Jon Berghoff on Hal Elrod’s Achieve Your Goals podcast about the launch of my new book. There was a ton of positive feedback and JB pulled so much valuable information out of this conversation, that I wanted to release it to the Front Row Factor community.

For those who don’t already know, my new book Front Row Factor: Transform Your Life with the Art of Moment Making has been in the making for many years and it’s finally about to launch. The book is a collection of inspiring stories, compelling science, and life strategies that will challenge you to explore your values, establish priorities and reconnect to a higher purpose and deeper meaning within your life.

In our conversation, you’ll hear all about the collaborative process that went into publishing the book AND why I’m terrified to finally release it to the world!

We talk about the power of proximity, what the past and future can teach us about living in the present, how your physical environment impacts your success, and some incredibly powerful stories from Front Row Foundation recipients who have had to fight for their life.

You’ll also hear what it means to create a Front Row moment and how to make more of them so you can transform your own life!

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [07:20] The collaborative creation of The Front Row Factor: Transform Your Life with the Art of Moment Making
  • [10:00] Living in the present and appreciating life’s precious moments.
  • [12:50] How to recognize a Front Row moment and create more of them in your own life.
  • [17:00] Jon shares the transformational moments leading up to the creation of the Front Row Foundation.
  • [19:00] Learn why proximity equals power!
  • [26:00] How to use hope to bring power to the present moment.
  • [28:30] My realization that people can pull strength from past experiences.
  • [33:50] The 3 areas of focus that you should pay attention to if you want to become a moment maker.
  • [41:00] What does your physical environment have to do with achieving greatness?
  • [49:15] A recipient story that demonstrates the power of the mind.

''Your mindset determines how to make the most of every moment that you’re given'' - Jon Vroman

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Mar 20, 2017

''How do I become wealthy and healthy in all areas of my life?'' - Matt Aitchison

Do you ever feel like you’re living unintentionally? Are your actions in line with your values? Maybe you’re wealthy in one area of life, but completely bankrupt in another?

These are the big questions that today’s guest, Matt Aitchison was faced with before he found purpose, redefined wealth, and created a life beyond what he ever thought was possible.

Today, Matt is a millennial entrepreneur, 7-figure real estate investor, and wealth building mentor who has had great success following his turbulent start. After being expelled his senior year of high school, to later facing felony charges in college - when all hope seemed to be lost - Matt decided that his past would not equal his future. 

He committed to personal development and leading an intentional life, and since graduating from UC Santa Barbara has gone on to found and participate in multiple companies within the real estate, construction, and education spaces. 

Matt has been ranked in the Wall Street Journal Top 1000 for real estate teams nationwide, personally flipped over 100+ houses in 5 years, hosts a top ranked motivational podcast called Millionaire Mindcast, and now passionately mentors others on increasing their income, impact, and influence through both one-on-one coaching and his real estate flipping course, 6 Figure Flipper.

During this energetic convo, you'll get to hear my good buddy "Matty A." share his journey and the defining moments leading up to his success. We talk about all kinds of cool topics, including building a legacy, redefining what it means to be wealthy, why finding your purpose is an evolutionary process, the mindset tool that allowed him to level up, and A LOT more! 

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [08:15] Find out how Matt is helping other people, just like you, build wealth through real estate investing!
  • [12:42] What legacy means to Matt and why it’s not just about the tangible assets he leaves behind.
  • [13:43] The defining moment that led to his success AND how it’s completely prepared him to face anything that life throws his way.
  • [23:40] Wealth beyond dollars and finding true happiness by redefining what it means to be rich!
  • [28:31] Why is money important to you and how much is really enough? 
  • [34:26] The importance of determining your intentions before you go after any goal.
  • [39:00] Unpacking the disciplines, habits, and principles from the world’s most successful Millionaires.
  • [42:53] The life-long pursuit of finding your purpose.
  • [48:31] Discover the millionaire mindset tool that has allowed Matt and other busy entrepreneurs to level up in life!
  • [54:56] Giving yourself permission to unplug, disconnect… and maybe even binge watch a little Netflix.

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Mar 13, 2017

''However much time you think you have left, you have less.'' - Greg McKeown

What’s important to you right now? How are you being intentional with your time and who are you giving it to?

In today’s episode, Greg McKeown is here to empower you to reclaim control of your choices and decide where you spend life’s precious time and energy.  

Originally from London, England, Greg McKeown is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less and the founder of McKeown, Inc., a company with a mission to teach Essentialism to millions of people around the world. His clients include Adobe, Apple, Airbnb, Cisco, Google, Facebook, Pixar, SalesForce, Symantec, Twitter, VMware and Yahoo!.

Greg is an accomplished public speaker and has spoken to hundreds of audiences in countries around the world, including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, England, Holland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Singapore, South Africa and the United States.

In 2012 he was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Greg now lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and their four children.

I can personally say that Greg’s book had a profound impact on the way I see life, which we’ll get into during today’s conversation.

You’ll also learn how eliminating everything that is not essential, can allow you to make the highest possible contribution towards the things that really matter the most.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [5:17] Why Greg removed the shackles of traditional schooling and is educating his kids through adventure!
  • [09:30] Greg explains what Essentialism is.
  • [10:15] Greg shares 2 incredibly profound insights that Essentialism has taught him.
  • [18:00] Find out how Greg’s book changed Steve Harvey’s life and how it can change yours too!
  • [22:20] What is important to you right now?
  • [26:30] Learn how to talk to your kids about Essentialism.  
  • [28:30] How Essentialism can help reshape the educational system.
  • [36:52] Greg shares a Front Row moment where he showed up BIG for his best friend!
  • [40:30] Why getting back on track is so much more important than falling off.

''The things that matter are not what I thought mattered at the time.” - Greg McKeown

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Mar 6, 2017

''Whatever it is that you want to do in life, don’t be afraid to do it. Don’t be afraid to fly. - Brianna Greenspan

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do something? Did you choose to listen or did you decide to prove them wrong?

In today’s conversation, Brianna Greenspan shares how she was able to turn her most difficult adversities into her strongest superpower!

Brianna has been using the power of positive affirmations for the past 10 years to overcome the physical challenges that being born with a chronic invisible illness brings about. When Brianna decided that the labels and limitations of her medical team did not align with what she believed to be possible for her life, everything began to change. From back and neck braces, surgeries, and too many doctors' visits to count to competing in her first 10k and hiking Half Dome at Yosemite National Park, Brianna is living proof that the power of positive affirmations coupled with extraordinary faith and immense effort really can overcome the biggest obstacles.

Brianna is a Chronic illness advocate, mentor for teens and young adults with chronic illnesses, marketing consultant at, author, Front Row Foundation ambassador and has been a great personal friend for years. Brianna is passionate about nature, sustainability, wellness, her advocacy work, and inspiring others to achieve their goals.

Brianna is hands down one of the most positive people I know and you’ll see why in today’s interview! Brianna discusses her incredible journey and explains how she’s been able to turn her limitations into strengths. You’ll find out why building bridges and making connections is so important to her and how helping others in their achievements can also lead to your own success. We also talk about the recipient story that changed her life, the power of environment, moment making, what a dream box is, her book “The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations” and a whole lot more!

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat...

  • [02:40] Brianna talks about her gratifying trip to Australia AND how helping others can help you achieve a better life!
  • [08:21] Find out about the challenges Brianna faces every day living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and the lessons it has taught her about taking consistent action.
  • [13:03] Find out what Brianna’s superpower is!
  • [15:11] Find out what the Front Row Foundation means to Brianna and the recipient story that changed her life.
  • [21:30] Brianna talks about her book, The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations: A Positive Coloring Book for Adults and Kids.
  • [31:10] The power of shaping your environment intentionally.
  • [36:10] The importance of building community, making connections and empowering your kids to follow their dreams.
  • [37:23] Find out how Brianna’s Dad became the “Father of genetic genealogy” and what his story can teach you about following your dreams.
  • [42:36] Hear about Brianna’s exciting quest this year!
  • [44:60] Two of Brianna’s favorite Front Row Moments.

''I hope I’ll be remembered as the girl that did it anyway, despite all the naysayers.'' - Brianna Greenspan

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Feb 27, 2017

''Somebody at some point has to get across that ocean from land to land. Why not me?'' - Charlie Martell

When life takes a turn for the worst, how do you react? More importantly, how do you prepare?

Today, Charlie Martell joins us from Baghdad, Iraq to talk about his 2012 attempt to row the North Pacific Ocean and how he survived an unexpected typhoon that capsized his boat during his journey.

A double Guinness World Record holder, Royal Engineer Charlie Martell is no stranger to adventure. Active service in Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland led to a post-Army career in the humanitarian sector, where he specialized in post-conflict resolution. Working in mine-affected countries such as Cambodia, Angola and the Republic of Georgia opened his eyes to what specialists like him could do for communities living amongst mines, bombs and other debris of war.

Charlie’s previous expeditions include a 300-mile ski-trek to the Magnetic North Pole and a four-man row across the North Atlantic Ocean. Together these expeditions raised more than £250,000 for charity.

In this episode, Charlie shares his inspiring story and talks about the importance of planning for the unexpected. You’ll find out how he manages his mindset during adversity, the importance of visualizing your goals, the Kelly Clarkson song that helped him survive a Typhoon, and why he’s willing to put his life at risk again in a 2nd attempt to cross the North Pacific.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat...

  • [06:47] Charlie shares some of the incredible records he’s set and his dream to become the 1st person ever to row solo across the North Pacific Ocean.
  • [09:30] Find out where Charlie’s driving force for winning came from!
  • [11:15] Hear about the life-threatening typhoon that capsized his boat during his 1st attempt traversing the Pacific Ocean.
  • [18:20] Lessons on how to manage your mindset and emotions in the midst of adversity.
  • [23:40] Facing fear and the role that faith plays in Charlie’s life.
  • [26:15] The charitable element of Charlie’s adventures and efforts.
  • [28:20] Charlie’s unexpected yet spectacular “recovery” by a Russian ship.
  • [33:00] Why it’s critical to plan for the unexpected.
  • [35:40] The impact visualization has on achieving your goals.
  • [48:37] Find out why a lifelong adventure with countless world records wants to be remembered for his sense of humanity

''No act of human kindness is ever wasted.'' - Charlie Martell

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Feb 20, 2017

''There is no waste in nature. We invented the idea of waste.'' - Ryland Engelhart

Do you feel hopeless about climate change and the damage we are doing to the planet?

In today’s conversation, Ryland Engelhart shares a proactive approach for how we can shift our behavior to reduce, restore, regenerate and rebuild a healthy ecosystem on the planet.

Ryland is a Co-Owner and Mission Fulfillment Officer of Café Gratitude, and the Co-Founder of Kiss The Ground, a non-profit that inspires and educates the public about the connection between soil, human and planetary health. 

He is is an activist, inspirational speaker and life coach, dedicated to culture, love, building community and demonstrating sustainability in business.  

Ryland is also the co-creator of an award-winning, transformational documentary film, called “May I Be Frank.”  

We chat about all sorts of fun stuff in today’s episode, including why soil is the key to saving the world, the importance of algae in the ocean, and how “Sacred Commerce” can make a difference to your working environment. We also talk about Café Gratitude, Kiss The Ground, investing in your team, and being grateful for what you get. This conversation is high level thinking with practical steps we can all take right now to care for each other and for our planet.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat...

  • [09:10] Find out how Ryland uses the presence of love to make a difference and contribute to the world!
  • [12:15] The simple act of being present.
  • [17:55] Ryland shares his mission to feed the world and cool the planet through Regenerative Agriculture. Find out how you can make an impact!
  • [26:08] What’s the difference between conventional, organic, and biodynamic agriculture and why is soil like the gut health of the planet?
  • [30:57] What are the true consequences if we don’t take action and what does algae have to do with the oxygen we breath?
  • [36:48] What is the mission and vision for Kiss The Ground?
  • [39:38] Awaken the community of love in your working environment with Sacred Commerce.
  • [45:00] Honoring the people in our lives that have passed.
  • [46:16] Investing in your team and the 10 tools for building a grateful community.

''We are the source of love that we’re looking for'' - Ryland Engelhart

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Feb 13, 2017

''You get to decide how you go through life.'' - Grant Baldwin

How do you show up in your life? Do you let your past dictate how you live today? There’s no doubt that some of us are dealt worse hands than others, but how you live and experience every day of your journey is completely up to you.

YOU get to decide if life is great. YOU get to say whether or not today is going to be a good one. YOU get to choose how to wake up and make a difference. Are you ready to take control? Are you ready to live life in the Front Row?

In today’s conversation, Grant Baldwin is here to inspire you to live life on your terms and decide for yourself how you go through life. He also teaches you what it takes to get into a career as a professional speaker.

Grant is the creator of the Booked And Paid To Speak training program, a nationally known keynote speaker and author. His podcast and training site “The Speaker Lab” provides weekly training to speakers at all levels of their business.

As a speaker, Grant has given hundreds of presentations and has spoken to over 400,000 people in 45 different states through leadership conferences, conventions, and other events. His book and curriculum for students, “Reality Check”, is taught in 400 schools around the country.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn about how Grant went from a youth pastor to starting his career as a professional speaker. Grant shares his top tips for achieving success in the speaking industry and lays out the steps you can take for landing your first paid gig!

You’ll also hear about what it takes to build a successful marriage and family, the importance of relationships, the role that environment plays in your success, and why who you are is much more important than what you do.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat...

  • [03:55] Find out the key to a happy marriage!
  • [07:45] Grant shares stories from his early life as a youth pastor and his humble beginnings starting a career as a professional speaker.
  • [14:26] The dreams that make Grant come alive and how he’s helping new speakers land their first paid gig.
  • [17:05] Discover S.P.E.A.K - your road map to a successful speaking career.  
  • [22:25] Why YOU are the decision maker when it comes to how you experience life.
  • [25:50] How Grant passes on important lessons to his kids.
  • [27:10] The importance of relationships and shaping your environment.
  • [33:22] Grant shares an important mantra that he lives by every day.  

''Who you are is more important than what you do.'' - Grant Baldwin

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Feb 6, 2017

''Health is a continuous journey of improvement'' - Megan Lyons

Have you ever struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while trying to balance work, family, and everyday life? Have you let your health take a back seat to other priorities? Maybe you recognize the importance of living a healthy life, but you lack the support or you’re confused by all the conflicting information.

Well, there’s an easier way! In today’s conversation, I’m talking with health and wellness coach, Megan Lyons, who is going to inspire you to reach your health goals and feel better about your body.

Megan has shared her game-changing approach to wellness with thousands of people through personalized health coaching, health and wellness blogging, and motivational and educational speaking. As founder and owner of The Lyons’ Share Wellness she’s deeply passionate about inspiring others to feel their healthiest and happiest.

 Megan is the author of “Start Here: 7 Easy, Diet-Free Steps to Achieve Your Ultimate Health and Happiness,” a Top 10 Amazon Bestseller in Nutrition, which cuts through the mass media's conflicting and confusing promises, and instead spells out the most important nutrition information.

Megan holds degrees and certifications from Harvard University, Northwestern University, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is a candidate for a Masters in Holistic Nutrition. She also  lectures widely at hospitals, corporations, and organizations.  

During today’s show, Megan recounts stories of the lives she’s been able to impact, as well as the Front Row moments from her own journey to achieving better health. We also talk about why water is so important, when to hire a health coach, the importance of celebrating successes and her realistic approach to achieving a happier and healthier life.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [04:20] Focusing on the positive and appreciating family.
  • [05:40] Find out how Megan helps people achieve their ultimate health and happiness.
  • [07:00] Megan shares 2 inspiring stories of people she’s helped make life-changing transformations.  
  • [10:00] Megan shares her realistic approach to health.  
  • [11:15] Why water is so important to your health AND how to create better water sources in your own home.
  • [19:27] Why your approach to health needs to change as your body does.
  • [22:54] When should you hire a health coach and how it will help you get to the next level.
  • [24:56] The importance of celebrating successes.
  • [30:35] Find out what part contribution plays in Megan’s life
  • [33:25] Why do we as humans feel the need to knock others down in order to lift ourselves up?

''I truly thrive on seeing other people excel.'' - Megan Lyons

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Jan 30, 2017

''It’s about changing the way the entire family looks at the materials and the resources.'' - Matt Duncan

Do you ever feel like your ability to impact the sustainability of our planet is insignificant? What if there was a way to collectively decrease our ecological footprint while also educating kids for generations to come?

During today’s show, Matt Duncan shares his inspiring vision for how we can begin to think differently about the environment and the resources we use on a daily basis.

Matt Duncan, MAEd is an outdoor experiential educator, author, and entrepreneur whose focus is on teaching families the importance of protecting and preserving our environment. Along with his partner Brianna Greenspan, he co-founded Earth-Centric Innovations, a company which creates educational opportunities around green technologies that help to protect the planet.

Matt is also the co-author of The Upcycled Toys Club, which is an upcycling activity book intended to spark your child’s creativity by allowing parents and children to work together to create new toys, utilizing resources that are free, easily obtained, and readily available in your home.

Matt’s passion for the environment was sparked at a young age as a Boy Scout, and ever since he has always been fascinated by the wonders of nature, and is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to instill the love of nature to his students. Matt’s other passions include camping, rock climbing, and any other activities that bring him closer to the Earth!

Matt was raised in Southern California, and now frequently travels to wherever adventure and nature’s beauty lie!

In this episode, Matt shares his vision for the way people look at trash. We also talk about instilling green values as a family, The Upcycled Toys Club, the value of making things better, and how we can shift our mindsets about the resources we consume.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our chat…

  • [05:33] Matt takes a moment to recognize his Dad and how forward thinking of a man he was.
  • [07:11] Matt shares his 2017 vision to change the way people look at trash
  • [11:33] The path to instilling green values as a family.
  • [12:37] What is The Upcycled Toys Club and how is it protecting the earth?
  • [16:18] Find out what happens when a child is involved in the process of creating their own toys.
  • [22:10] Matt shares some of his favorite upcycling stories from around the world! [HINT: You’ll discover a cool trick to amplify your iPhone speaker!]
  • [26:30] The value of taking something in the world and making it better.
  • [34:39] Changing the way we live our lives and thinking differently about how the resources we use are impacting the world.

''30 years from now I’d like every child to know how precious the resources that we have are.'' - Matt Duncan

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